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I'm Adam, 22 and from the winter wonderland known as Canada :)

I write a lot in order to try and get thoughts that I think are interesting out in a coherent format. I like to explore and see what ideas and new perspectives I can get from those around me as well as from my own mind. The end product is usually a novel long text post and uh... it kinda happens a lot. Some of my posts are meant to be thought-provoking, some are just me venting, and some are just plain retarded. I try to make everything at least a bit interesting though ;)

Other than that, I adore music from power metal to indie to folk and all the things in between. It's what has kept me afloat for so long now. I do the odd reblog for DW, Fringe, Game of Thrones, and a bunch of other shows and movies too.

I also post occasionally about my experiences with depression and how it affects my life. So if you're like me in that regard and are looking for someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to shoot me a line. I'm always willing to lend an ear for anyone that needs it.

Day 7

Exam bombing time tomorrow morning. Whhhhheeeeeeeee! Seriously, I have no idea what to even study for this.

At least there’s sushi after though…


Day 8

The day where I have to say goodbye is coming very soon and I don’t know how it’s going to go. I’m no good with goodbyes.



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thedagda24 replied to your post “Oh man, got a call back from a place I had applied to a few months…”

Should try to negotiate that contract. 4 months paid training, 6 month contract renewal. And for the first bit I would let them send me where ever. It could be fun. What was the job?

It’s an entry-level position unfortunately. No company would ever negotiate that contract unless there were exceptional circumstances because there are a million people just like me that they can get instead. 

And eh, I know where I want to live and work more or less. I’m at the point where I can have control of my life for the first time in a while and I’m not overly fond of giving that up. It’s for a software developer job though :)

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Day 9

Ugh…. did nothing today. Fucking sucks. But whatever I suppose. These posts are getting less and less exciting the closer it gets to the end.


Oh man, got a call back from a place I had applied to a few months ago. I’m about 99.5% sure I don’t even want to interview with them though. I kind of just applied on a whim before I really did any research.

Working there is kind of ridiculous. I’d have to go to Toronto for four months of unpaid training, meaning I’d have to somehow support myself. After that I’d have to sign a contract to stay on for a minimum of two years. Then, from what I’ve read, they’d ship me off to one of their clients to work for and I’d have absolutely no say where I went. Basically, where they want me to go I go. That’s just about the worst contract I’ve ever heard of lol.

I think I might just tell them to get rid of the application.

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Day 10

Blegh. Tired, but about to watch GoT. 



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Day 11

Had family Easter dinner today. Pretty fun all in all. Still working on the search job. Not getting nearly as much done as I wanted to this weekend. Hopefully that can change soon.